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Galaxy WY200/300/400-FT

Galaxy WY200/300/400-FT

Overview Of GALAXY: WY-FT

This machine used for the welding of LED illuminated billboard, exterior/interior sign, branding, door plate that made of aluminum, S/S, iron, galvanized sheet, titanium, brass, copper, and etc. Laser beam with high energy melts two metal sheets and combine them together without feeding any soldering materials. from any aspect, laser welding is the best solution and the greenest.

  • Red light spot fast positioning, CCD display.
  • High working speed: 6 times faster then traditional TOG or MIG welding.
  • Slight distortion and less heating affect.
  • Capable of partial heating process.
  • Able to deal with complex, profiled, or tiny letters.
  • Low noise and no pollution.
  • Ultra fine positioning rod makes corner welding easier without changing position.
  • Laser cavity can move in all directions manually in order to weld letters of different size and in different shape.
  • Parameter setting in very easy; up to 10 sets of parameters can be memorized for different application.

Technical specifications Of GALAXY: WY-FT

Models WY200 / FT WY300 / FT WY400 / FT
Laser Power 200W 300W 400W
Laser Source Pulses Nd:YAG
Output Optical Path Single Path (standard) Double Path (standard+fiber) Single Path (standard)
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Single Pulse Energy 80J 100J 120J
Working Table Scale 750mm x 1000mm
XYZ Stroke X=700mm, Y=200mm, Z=200mm (manual)
Power Supply 220V±10%/50Hz 380V±10%/50Hz
Power Consumption 6KW 9KW 12KW
Beam Diameter 0.1~3.0mm
Pules Width <15ms
Pulse Frequency 1~50Hz
Focal Length 150mm / 200mm
Cooling System Water Cooling
Observation System CCD Camera
Packaging Dimensions 1160x610x1150mm 1540x950x1150mm 1260x710x1150mm
Gross Weight 319kg 329kg 342kg
Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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